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Peter Edelman Jazz will do their best to help you out - use the Contact form, or call or email

1. What kind of events does Peter Edelman play?
2. I have had a last minute request for music to support my event, can you help?

Corporate events - add a jazz band or solo pianist to bring life to corporate events

Private parties - entertain your guests with live jazz, either a solo pianist, trio, or quartet

Restaurants and clubs - create a sophisticated jazz ambiance for all who dine and enjoy your venue

3. Does Peter Edelman do broadcast radio events?

Peter is always keen to contribute to radio, as a guest or as a regular presenter

4. Where is Peter Edelman performing next?

When not playing at corporate or private events, Peter Edelman leads a straight-ahead jazz trio at Columbia Station in Washington, D.C.   Often, these evenings include a variety of talented guest musicians, joining in jam sessions.  All jazz players and singers are welcome and the jazz is lively and varied.  Follow PeterEdelmanJazz on Facebook for the latest gig information.

5. Does Peter Edelman give lessons?

Peter gives piano lessons - please use the contact form to ask for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

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